Building upon the timeless interior of Park Hyatt Hamburg and maintaining
the warmth and classic elegance of its cherry timber paneling, the newly renovated
Apples Restaurant and Bar have been introduced to a fresh infusion of form and colour.

A contemporary chef’s table divides the restaurant, embraced by a lattice-like structure
that function as sculptural art, while creating an atmosphere of unpretentious privacy.
For those looking for more exclusivity – the remodeled private dining room with its
unique origami light installation, allows larger parties of guests to dine amongst
themselves in private, with direct access to the Apples terrace and without being too
far from the restaurant’s signature show kitchen.

A pair of new feature wine walls, located between the bar and foyer, display a
prized collection of fine wines. The lightweight structure of glass and satin steel allow
vision through both areas, helping to create a sense of openness whilst defining the
space and creating an intimate environment.

Maintaining the unique charm of the hotel and its landmark restaurant, a burst
of the contemporary hopes to add to the restaurant’s forward thinking, culinary
dining experience.

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  Park Hyatt
  Claymore Suite
  Cigar Lounge

Park Hyatt Hamburg - Hamburg, Germany
Apples Restaurant & Bar

Completed whilst working and part of the team at Wilsdon Design Associates.