The serenely surreal site of Dungeness, in the South coast of the UK, is a place riddled
with irony and contradiction: one of the largest expanses of loose shingles in the world,
it is a place of immense conservational importance that is experiencing constant erosion.

Dungeness is the site of one of the UK’s biggest nuclear power stations, which halts this
erosive process to retain its structural stability, by constantly re-depositing shingles
from one end of the site back to the other. The continued existence of both the power station
and Dungeness are thus symbiotically intertwined, in what is just one of many unexpected
relationships present in the area.

The sustained equilibrium of Dungeness is maintained through a dynamic relationship
between man and the environment - a state of flux involving the precise balance and
awareness of nature’s many, hidden forces. Through extensive photo documentation
and investgative research, this project aims to reveal these hidden forces, to uncover and
ascertain the true genius of Dungeness. The findings form the basis for a proposed
site-specific, architectural installation: The Dungeness Observation Tower - an interactive,
moving structure that responds to these unique and elusive features within this unique place.

The DOT is designed to facilitate two methods of observing and understanding the site
of Dungeness:

On a sensory level, the structure allows viewers to experience the area from
an elevated platform and enjoy the unique vantage point. As such, the DOT provides
a means to observe the site in an experiential and phenomenological capacity.
It allows the observation of existential space.

On a more scientific level, the platform also houses a series of highly sensitive monitoring
devices, which measure and record local environmental conditions to calculate
which direction to point . As such, the DOT provides a means to observe the site in
a more rational and technocratic capacity. It allows the observation of Cartesian space.

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Realisation and outcome of MA final project.

A moving, scale model complemented by a hard-cover publication and critical research paper (featured in the Graphics/Print section of the website).