Perched amongst the skyscrapers of Hong Kong – a newly-renovated,
luxury studio apartment sits within the cosmopolitan canopy of this
urban jungle.

With generous-sized windows to both sides of the space – the cozy retreat
feels afloat within the surrounding city, offering a sense of exclusive privacy
amidst the hustle and bustle both around and below.

Natural textures of dark timbers and granites are combined with a soft
pallete of beiges, taupes and greys – creating a colour scheme that is both
earthy as well as urban. The intention is to create a largely calm, high-end
and relaxing atmosphere whilst conceptually tying in with the environment
of the site and the city.

Clean lines and a contemporary interior shell act as a backdrop to subtle
Chinese references within the bespoke furniture pieces and quality fabrics.
Featuring international brands such as Duravit, Stark, Shanghai Tang, Marset,
Miele as well as custom work from local artists and artisans – the flat’s design
hopes to embody the current zeitgeist of Chinese Modernism and respond
to the growing influence of its aesthetic movement.

  Neo Bankside  
  Park Hyatt
  Claymore Suite
  Cigar Lounge