Graphic design has significantly evolved. Where once the roles and responsibilities
were distinct and divided, the progression of technology has amalgamated these
once separate tasks, onto the single shoulders of the modern day graphic designer.
This diversity has expanded the requirements of being able to develop strong ideas,
to include executing them to a high professional standard. Ranging from print
to digital, the vast array of specialisms and computer software now available,
have made the learning curve much steeper and more varied, however the potential
within also far greater.

This book features 21 of the best and the brightest to have graduated from Chelsea’s
now, BA Graphic Design Communication degree. Showcasing images of their most
successful past and recent work, in addition to interviews asking about their outlook
and approach towards college education and professional practice; the content aims
to highlight the diversity in current graphic design, as well as the equally diverse
methods of achieving success and recognition.

The interview methods range from using Email, Internet chat, telephone, to meeting
up face-to-face in person - not only to cater to the different schedules and countries
of former graduates, but to also provide a varied style and tone of voice, between
spontaneous and more considered responses. The validity of the advice inside is based
on the benefits of hindsight, coupled with the expression, ‘the ends justify the means’,
in the proven successful teaching methods of the course, the numerous design
competitions won, and the fact that the alumni featured are now excelling in the
design industry and each exceptional in their own right.

Graduates from the last 5 years have been selected, based on various successes
and accomplishments, such as winning design awards, achieving excellent degree
results or writing exceptional dissertations, and all now work in different areas
of design and in different parts of the world - offering a range of different responses,
backgrounds and experiences, as well as reflecting the scope and breadth of the field
and the course.

Offering alternative and inspirational insights to tackling briefs, as well as addressing
some of the inherent academic issues within graphic design today, the intention is
to provide a guiding resource, that can help young students and designers bridge the gap
between studentship and professional practice, and from mediocrity to distinction.

A compendium of the greatest works and invaluable insights from the best and brightest graduates of Chelsea’s prestigious BA Graphic Design Communication degree.

Twenty one graduates, excelling across the spectrum of the graphics industry, share
their projects, opinions and advice on key issues within the expanding field of graphic design today.

Commenting on Chelsea’s curriculum and educational philosophy, this book and Internet resource aims to bridge the gap between studentship and professional practice, by transcending beyond mediocrity to distinction.