A short animated parody, inspired by old, public awareness videos from the 1950’s.

During a time when scientific information was presented in a much simpler and
almost propagandistic manner, the animation borrows several features from
video footage of this era, in regards to its visuals, audio and narrative.

The animation approaches the promotion of PV tiles in a similarly informal fashion,
in highlighting the benefits of solar energy as well as current key environmental
concerns, in a less complicated and more colloquial tone of voice.

The concept is to provide an (ironically) fresh and different approach, to the many
current methods of promoting eco-friendly products, often overly saturated with
clean graphics and convoluted vocabulary. The intent is to immerse, engage and
entertain the viewer, by promoting the product indirectly, using pastiche, humour
and a hint of nostalgia.
  Design & Art Direction Student Awards 2008 finalist/nominee